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Pain Levels

Actually, not bad, considering.

My energy this weekend had peaks and valleys. Oh, yes. I was mostly functional, with Saturday being the worst day - Saturday I was near tears from pain, managed to balls-out steamroll my way through my Hands-On-Science For Kids panel, and popped a Flexeril as soon as I was safely ensconced on theferrett's lap at the Livejournal and Your Social Life panel. Got through the LJ Meet & Greet by planting my butt in a chair, sending a Coffee Minion for coffee, and basically exuding the "come forth and pay homage to me" aura. Or something like that. Had to go straight from there to the What Would My Superpower Be? fast-track panel... where the Flexeril finally hit, and I found myself nodding off. Excused myself and went to lie down. Did not wake up til 10 minutes before my party. *facepalm* Did leave my party at a somewhat reasonable hour, though, so I was a bit better on Sunday, though I was clearly feeling the weight of the weekend dragging on me.

The elevator situation? Did Not Help. I always go SuperGimp in situations like these - oh, sure, I can take the stairs? No. No, I cannot.

Sunday afternoon, I was off to another gathering, where the Craftsman was good enough (oh, was he!) to test my body's reactions to various implements of torture.

Yes, I know that it's less than wise to play like that after a physically arduous weekend. But you haven't seen our schedules, man. We'd been trying. (Plus, it was kind of our anniversary.)

So now we know that my butt can handle quite a lot of abuse (I'm pretty colors!), as can my lower back; my upper back cannot endure even a moderate flogging. More fat padding the butt muscles than the back muscles. (Science is sexy!) Flogging my back produced that column of pain along the spine. So. Now we know.

And knowing is half the battle.

Hot-tubbing today helped; I've tightened up again now, due to sitting/typing in a bad position for a few hours.

It'll take me some time to recover from this weekend, but I'm damn glad I did it. :) Feelings on the con itself, I'll post tomorrow (summation: bad hotel, great people, some amusing situations, didn't feel like Arisia - maybe due to unfamiliarity of hotel?). I wanted to note this stuff while it was fresh, as it were.

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