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Back from Arisia - party (my butt hurts so much) - ritual - hot tubbing - consuming mass quantities of Italian food. Settling in to watch Serenity -

yunatwilight: "Oh, crap, no - wired_lizard would kill me if I watched that without her!"

Settling in to watch Rent.

Me, deadpan: "Okay. Since we have people here who've never seen Rent, I will refrain from yelling inventive curses every time the movie completely bowdlerizes the play. Instead, I will show my displeasure by means of a simple, silent hand gesture. Such as taking this plastic knife and moving it up and down repeatedly in a stabbing gesture."

I should live-blog my displeasure, is what I should do. "Seasons of Love" begins the second act, dumbasses...

(If I didn't love the play so much, it wouldn't care. But every single one of the changes is STUPID. In some cases, it makes really important things in the play totally make no sense in the movie. Like the whole impetus for the song "Rent".

I'm okay now.)

(Okay, now I'm trying not to sing the lyrics that Marc is speaking instead of singing.)

(Shutting up.)

(Okay, I lied re: shutting up. In the song "Rent",they excise lines of dialogue - and put in NOTHING. Dead air. And they nip and tuck and and don't bother to make the seams match, if that makes sense.)

(And they don't throw their ^%$&^$%*&% heat sources out the window. Nor is there a random street riot. And Benny doesn't summon the guys downstairs.)

(And they made Benny a bit less of a dick. And Marc's superhero name would totally be Captain Exposition. And speaking of which, talk about rearranging the fucking plot...)

(...and that's where "You Okay, Honey?" would've been...)

(And if Mimi blows her candle out right before knocking again, the exchange "It blew out again?" "No - I think that I dropped my stash!" makes no sense.)

(Also, and I'll bold this because it's important - by letting the first act take place over the course of several days they dilute the hell out of it. Part of the magic of Rent is that hypercompression, that "one magic night" as Marc calls it - so intense that it takes all the next year to truly unfold. I've had nights like that. It's part of why Rent speaks to me.)

And the performance space is not all cozy and indoors.

I do think the way they translated "Tango:Maureen" was interesting, though, and not in the Chinese-curse sense (and I know it's not really a Chinese curse. Hush.).

(Don't even get me started on the tragic abbreviation of "No Day But Today" and the club setting of "Take Me Out Tonight".)

(We are now on Day Three of what should've been a single evening. And by the by, dragging the Roger/Mimi thing out into the street and having Angel, Collins, and Marc sing with her up at defiant Balcony!Roger makes the end of the song Roger vs. his friends, rather than one philosophy vs. another. And dude, personally, it's more than okay for HIV+!Roger to think twice before jumping into a relationship with another pretty brown-eyed junkie. It's holding back for that sake that makes it mean more when he finally accepts Mimi's philosophy.

And Roger never goes to Life Support.

And "this lot is fulla motherfuckin' artists!")

(And the reason the performance space is outside? Had they had a fucking rec center, all of the homeless would be living there instead of outdoors. And the TVs would've been stolen.)

(And dammit, I miss "Christmas Bells".)

They SO slice and dice my poor beloved "La Vie Boheme".

I hate "I Should Tell You" in the play *and* in the movie. So much. It's a bad song, it adds nothing, and it totally breaks the energy flow. Totally. Nyargh.


yunatwilight asks, "Did they kiss, or did they have metaphorical sex?"

Also, the movie is so totally much with the Marc/Maureen slash, which the play is so totally not.

And in the play? They're frickin' homeless for a week, breaking back in on New Year's Eve.

And I had to go kiss Miss Kid goodnight, and forgot to get my laptop for the rest of Act II.
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