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Odin's Day

One of these days, I'll actually have time to write about all the stuff I need to write about.

This is not that day.

Happy birthday to tablesaw and jaded_dreamer, though! :)

I didn't get to read LJ at all yesterday. The same will apply today; I'll be with tablesaw and ojouchan from Very Soon to Very Late. Thursday, I'll be spending all day working with Mousie on Shayara; you may or may not see Shayara posts from us, but again - not reading. And Arisia all weekend. *falls over* Monday's another Shayara day, and Tuesday I'll be back to normal. As close to normal as I get, anyway.

So if you have anything you need me to see, comment in my LJ or e-mail me at shadesong AT, and note that immediate response is unlikely.

ian_gunn and I bookmarked, um, way too many experiments for the Hands-On Science panel; tonight will be the winnowing down. We got the Mythbusters book for kids/tweens. We're doing most of it on the panel. This fills me with inordinate glee, and prompted many people at Diesel last night to plan to go find a kid to bring them to the panel. (Fast Track panels are kids-only.) (We do not advocate kidnapping.)

Hm. Maybe I'll have a Mad Science-y birthday party this year?

People have asked if my party Saturday night has a theme. It doesn't - should it? What should it be? (Suggestions for elaborate themes will only be entertained if the person suggesting 'em is willing to do the shopping and decorating, as I just do not have time.)

(I'm getting better at saying I don't have time.)

(My milkshake brings all the girls to the yard.)

(I'm going to stop being parenthetical now.)

Diesel/Namaskar/JP Licks last night was wonderful... just the right amount of socialization. What I love about Diesel Tuesdays is that it's like a good party... lots of people having lots of compatible points, and me being able to be my exuberant self without being the center of attention. People assume that I like being the center of attention. I so do not. It makes me drastically uncomfortable. But I'm often the biggest person in the room, despite being 4'11", if that makes sense. I like it that, at Diesel, I can be myself over on one couch without everyone on the next couch over being drawn in. I'm not the only person like me.

Another thing I love about Diesel Tuesdays? Being snuggled and kissed by so very many people. :) And the fact that every week I meet new people. And they all say they've been hearing nifty things about me. *beam* I feel like I have an infinitely-expanding circle of people to hug, and that delights me.

Right, then. I'm going to see if I can get some stuff done around the house before T. and Jo get here. *nod*

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