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Hello to new readers alethea_eastrid, bardsong, and water_childe!

Ouch. The hot tub yesterday helped temporarily - and, indeed, what's got me today is the allover ache, not the specific deep-muscle ache.

This Week
If I don't already have plans with you, I am not making any... I'm sorry, I'm just seeing my chunks of time vanish, and I need to save a few. Right now I've just got today and tomorrow morning.

Ideas for fun science experiments that ian_gunn and I can have the kids do at our Hands-On Science panel, please. Preference given to fast, cheap, and easy, and to things that give the kids something to take home.

Posts for next week
Need to post about my writing goals for 2007, why I'm so into scent, a bunch of Shayara stuff...

How would you go about gluing leather to copper?

Other Question
Bostonians - any good independent lingerie stores around here?

Daily Science
Artificial blood!

Daily BPAL
Skipping it today. FYI, though, my Lycaon 5ml is up for swap.

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