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Famine to Feast

One of the main reasons I moved to Boston was that I was very isolated in Atlanta. I moved here for the community.

But it's been a few years since I had anything close to a community like this. (Truly, it's been since Vegas.) So I'm unaccustomed to managing it all, and I'm finding myself easily overwhelmed.

I am having the curious experience this week of being undersocialized (having been away for two weeks) and seeing upcoming oversocialization (way busy week next week!). I'm craving social contact. I need to remind myself that I'll have more than enough very soon, and that this is time for *resting*, for gathering my strength. I get stressy when I contemplate next week's scheduling. I'll have m0usegrrl and theferrett over here, overlapping. tablesaw and ojouchan will be visiting. The Craftsman and I are desperately trying to grab some time for Yay Kinky Sex.

Oh, yeah - there's a con, too.

*falls over*

Right, then. I'm hanging out with liamstliam tomorrow afternoon. I have a hot date tomorrow night. Said hot date kinda lasts all weekend, really. I have hot tubbing on Sunday with yunatwilight and wired_lizard and the gang. Wednesday afternoon/evening is earmarked for the Craftsman, should that work with his schedule. A timechunk is reserved for tablesaw and Jo. Mouse comes in Wednesday night; Ferrett, Thursday.

Friday through Sunday = Arisia; my schedule's already up. Date with the Craftsman on Sunday, same thing we did the Sunday of Arisia last year. :) Mouse leaves Monday. :(

I need to remind myself that there is Life After Arisia, and that all these locals I'm itching to hang out with, and all the cute new locals I want to get to know better... they will all be around after Arisia. No more commitments til after Arisia.

And in the meantime, I need to make sure that I'm getting enough rest and me-time. I need to try to stay on track with yoga. I need to eat well.

I need to keep breathing.

There is time.

But yeah. If you met me recently? Please keep in mind the famine-into-feast thing?

And now? Sleepytime.

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