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Fuckitall, I have to change something I don't want to change. *growl*

The Purges. When it starts, when Halloran's family is killed and he feels it - I've always had both him and Fenris in the same place, at Tyka's coffeehouse, at the Driftwood Angels show. The Hallorans are killed, Halloran takes off for his House, sees Capri on the way, kills or disables the Hounds that are attacking her, gets her to the library. Fenris feels Capri's parents die and takes off for the same alley, where he finds Jessa's corpse, but no Capri.

The timing just does not work.

* Halloran's a good bit younger than Fenris, yeah, but Fenris is in good shape, and is being summoned by Jessa.
* The order to kill Jessa, Marcus, and Capri goes out *immediately* after the Hallorans are killed. Jessa and Marcus spend several minutes fighting the Hounds before they succumb. Capri is trapped there with the Hounds for at least a minute or two. As possessed by adrenaline as he is, it's gonna take Halloran a few minutes to get rid of those Hounds, get Capri to drop her shields, and take off for the Library.

There's no way Fenris doesn't arrive before Halloran's done with the Hounds, if they're starting in the same place. And if that happens, it all falls apart. No way would Fenris let this punk take of with his baby girl. He'd take her off to the Tower then and there. And Capri and Halloran's soulbond wouldn't snap into place without that desperate contact.


Halloran has to start off significantly closer to the alley than Fenris. *growl* I really wanted him at Tyka's, as it establishes a bunch of things, most importantly the importance of music (he's skipping out on his family's big confrontation with the Council for this) and his personal connections to a few members of Driftwood Angels, and to Tyka.

Fenris, too. The only times we observe a stillness in Fenris = when he's utterly engrossed in music and when he's with Jessa.


It has to be Halloran that I take out of Tyka's. Fenris doesn't go much of anywhere in those days, save patrolling, and I need him to not be patrolling that night - I need him to be taken off guard. And the Tower is much closer to the alley where Jessa dies than Tyka's is.

So where is Halloran? In the Carnival District? No - he'd go east from anywhere in the District, to get back to House Bartomn. The attack happens at the westernmost exit from the District - Jessa and family live in the Lhri'nahri section of town, a cozy townhouse near the intersection of Sheridan and Sinclair.

Shit, I dunno. Maybe he felt guilty about not being with his family that night and was headed home from Tyka's. Maybe he was schtupping Chanda - I'm not sure where House Tallart's holdings are exactly, but I know they're somewhere in the west.

Yes, I have a map.

I hate this.

St00pid logic.

I need to go for a walk listening to Halloran's playlist to figure this out...
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