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Letters sent

Dear Sister:

I am sick of essentially babysitting that hideous brat. She is undisciplined (and I have a baseball bat that'll fix that), annoying, and drags Elayna's behavior down. This is three straight days. Keep her home.

Dear Mother:

I am thirty-two years old. Not since I was five have I been able to go through a bookstore in under half an hour. You really should be used to this by now.

(Dear Husband:

I bought The Machine's Child. Take it off your wishlist.)

Dear Family:

Enough already. You people suck.

Dear Dad:

Thank you for being willing to drop Elayna and the whiny bitches off at home and come back for me an hour later, thereby giving me much-needed browsing and cooldown time. Also thank you for the ride to Starbucks earlier; I got a nice chunk of paying work done.

Dear enderfem:

Really really looking forward to you rescuing me from this tomorrow. :)

Dear Elayna:

D00d. Act your age. Be a role model for the brat. Don't act down to her level.

Also? Practice your flute tomorrow.

Also also? I love you and appreciate your general maturity.

Yes, I have already said all of this to the faces of everyone involved. Except I used different terminology for my sister. And didn't actually say "whiny bitches" to Dad. And the notes to Adam and enderfem are appearing here for the first time.

Otherwise, yeah.

I am not being a passive-aggressive bitch, is what I am saying.

Unlike my mother.

Now I am going to go for a walk to continue cooling down (neck, shoulders, and upper back are flaring like whoa - stress response much?), and then I am going to go to bed. I need my sleep. Because enderfem has an Idea and Plans, and I am a bit frightened, but figure that I'll need my rest for whatever it is. :)
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