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writerbrain re: the Purges

Yay! I am doing something right!

Going through the various snippets and mindmapping them on my new toy was indeed very helpful - because I'm seeing where my strongest writing is.

I'm rock solid on Capri and Ryan, on Jessa and Marcus, on Alanna and Jeramie. And, recently, the Telenias. So. Those are my anchor points.

I need to strengthen Kieran. But I only recently (last-year recently, not last-week recently) really got a handle on him, so I have faith that the next Kier-thing I write will be solid.

Feels good to be writing again. I went too long without. Writing, yes, but nothing of substance.

Speaking of past writing... I think I've written more about the Purges than about any other event. More on the Purges than about the big climactic battle, or the creation of the Dasaroi, or... anything. Probably because there are so many perspectives on it. More than anything else (save that battle), it touches every character, and they will carry the scars of that night through the entire series. (Save Julia, but she bears her own scars, and uses them as armor.) So it's important to Get It Right, Dammit.

I feel like I'm doing things in the proper order now. *laugh* Which is Of The Good.

Oh, yes. Big Shayara news in '07. :)
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