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What I keep bumping up against, with the Primer, is that it leads inexorably into the Purges. And the Purges are too big for the Primer, probably. But I feel that I need them. Without them, the Primer just ends, and ends five years before Our Story Begins. And the Primer purports to be all you need to know about What Has Gone Before.

But it's too big. I can't skim over the Purges, I can't condense them. The story would be out of proportion - it would take up nearly half the Primer.

And... it's hard for me to write things that lie that close to the bone. It was only recently that I started writing any of the really Big things. This is one of the three biggest, this and the things that close out acts 2 and 3.


Yes, it's Christmas, and I'm sitting here futzing about and being writerbrainy. It's what I do. :P

I have got to wrap this up, I really do.
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