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ZOMG Christmas like whoa.

Ze haul:

Elayna, from Santa: a whole bag of Dove dark chocolate, a Ghirardhelli dark chocolate bar, a Hershey's Special Dark bar, a candy necklace, Nerds; Fluxx, pop art painted rings kit, funky lighted ball, Fur Real Friends piglet, karaoke machine & CD, penguin scarf, magnetic monkey, Hello Kitty notepad, magnet mania kit, bath confetti, lip gloss, magnetic Hangman, penguin bubble bath, Pez, NancyButtons, Babysitter's Club buttons, hair accessories, a Lush glittery bath bomb, a travelling gnome, Twister Moves, and two card games from Out Of The Box.

Elayna, from family: Stuffed kitty and cow, flannel penguin pajamas, Eggling (hatch a plant from an egg - the funny thing is that we gave my aunt one (basil),, and she gave Elayna one (phlox)!), Nintendo games Zoo Tycoon, Kingdom Hearts, and Brain Age, crystal-growing set, Zathura and the second Cardcaptor Sakura movie on DVD, a Warriors book, A Smart Girl's Guide to Friendship Troubles.

Adam: Chrononauts, Carnival by Elizabeth Bear, Salon Fantastique, Disgaea, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Plastic Man and Y: The Last Man graphic novels, a Linda Ellerbee food book, and chocolate espresso candy.

Me: Beautiful colored pearl earrings, two Jewish-tree-of-life pendants (one each of Gevurah (Strength) and Netsah (Endurance)), a slim charcoal-grey hoodie with a burgundy tank top, The Addams Family, the new Neil Gaiman collection, The Book of Dreams by catvalente, Naughty (cinnamon) and Nice (minty) bath bombs from Uncommon Goods, a stuffed chihuahua that I'm naming Petey after their dog, who I keep threatening to sneak home with me, and the ergonomic like whoa laptop backpack from my wishlist, so I can carry my own stuff. Yay!

I've most likely missed stuff. I'm sure Adam will correct me. For now? More coffee, and yummy breakfast cake!
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