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Got my panel schedule, and I officially win. :) Not in that I got everything I wanted - I'm not on the LJ panel this year (but I will be at the meetup, if it's in a more spacious room than it was last year), nor am I on the Fast-Track science panel. :( But I am on some others I passionately wanted - and, most importantly, I'm on panels with friends. :)

Friday 7 PM: Reshaping Grimm & Goose
(with jesshartley and catvalente!)

Saturday 2 PM: Six-Word Stories (Fast-Track)

Saturday 4 PM: What Would My Super Power Be? (Fast-Track)
(with Merv!)

Sunday 11 AM: City Building
(with rosefox!)

I am... apparently the only person on the Six-Word Stories panel. Um. Help? Anyone have a hole in their schedule and want to volunteer? *puppydog eyes*
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