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Afternoon miscellany

* Yesterday, I bought a slinky red dress. Halter top, tied-look between the breasts, slinky fabric, fire-engine red, above-the-knee-length. This dress? Dead sexy. Me in this dress? All I need is my red lipstick, which is back in Boston. Yes, there will be pictures.

* Have not been replying to any e-mail that requires thought. Have been exhausted and ouchy, napping the afternoon away.

* Adam says, "You look so cute with a shoggoth in your hair." Yes, there will be pictures of my hair shoggoth.

* I have finished wrapping things. Yay!

* Santa so loves Elayna this year. She must have been extra good.

* We leave soon to partake in a Christmas Eve tradition: chili at my aunt's brother's house. And they make some damn good chili.

* Tomorrow, after the orgy of unwrapping, there will be ziploc-baggie-omelets, then ham and veggies and ungodly good cookies at my aunt's mother's house. Then my birthmom's jambalaya and my aunt's lasagna back here.

* ...I should see if they have the fixings for my molasses cookies. Should've thought of that earlier. Ah well. Next year.

* What are your holiday food traditions? Post recipes!
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