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...made it here through pouring rain and much ouchiness.

Was met at the door by my aunt, who shoved a huge glass of merlot into my hands.

Oh, yeah. They know me here.

There was turkey and stuffing, and there were brownies, and Petey the ChiaPap (half chiahuahua, half papillon) consented to be snuggled by me for a good long time. And the kids all got bundles of lottery tickets for Chanukah. Yep. That's how to keep a room full of kids, age 11 (one cousin is younger than Elayna by one day!) to 17, busy for a good half an hour. Elayna won $7 and two tickets!

And there was an impromptu meet & sniff. Everyone loves Samhainophobia. My aunt loves Blood Moon and Torture King, too. :)

And I am going to go back out and hang out with them now! Before I fall asleep.
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