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I hate being away for two weeks. I like my cozy little house. I like curling up with my cats. I like having all my *stuff* around me. *sigh*

This isn't as bad as our January trip or my June trip last year, which was a week in a hotel each time. This is at family's houses. So if I forget my shampoo, I can just get to Walgreens and pick some up. There's not as much pressure to pack absolutely everything that I might conceivably need.

And I love my birthfamily, and love spending time with them. That portion of the trip always goes by too quickly!

But then I'll be away for another week, still. And without Adam.

I'll have fun once I'm there. I always do. I just hate the preparation.

EDIT: At least finishing up my $WINTERHOLIDAY shopping is easy for homebound-with-fatigue me. Heifer Project for everybody!
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