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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to mycroft and sbisson!

Hello to new reader oneagain!

Yesterday was brutal. And not in the fun Metalocalypse way. I got no sleep Tuesday night - literally zero sleep. So I napped during the day as much as I could, and spent my waking hours in quite a bit of pain. Regulated my sleep last night with the amazing knockout powers of Flexeril. Ouchy this morning, but not as bad as yesterday.

Linkage for Adam and people like him
The most unusual restaurants in the world

<">Massage pointers</a> for gimp pit crew

Daily Science
Astronomers might have seen the very first stars in the universe. If so, these are incredible stars, some 1,000 times as massive as the sun.

The alternative is just as interesting: The objects might be early black holes consuming gas voraciously and spitting out radiation like crazy as nascent galaxies form.

My body is demanding a nap. Yes, already. After that... possibly late breakfast with ragingamazon. Then urban exploring. Hey, Bostonians! Where's the best place to get an "I *heart* Boston" coffee mug? Harvard Square?

Date with the Craftsman tonight. Oh, yes. Happy Chanukah to me.

And tomorrow I fly to Florida for two weeks. Crap. I have so much to do! *fret*
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