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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to zhent!

Hello to new reader krings_keep!

Stiff and achy... well, it's been an emotionally intense few days. I've started doing an AM yoga routine off a DVD. Let's see how long I stick to it!

ydnic is a godsend... she brought up a bunch of our stuff, including that critical filing cabinet and my iPod! kires should be able to get the rest in the RV.

My Uncle
Thoughts on him later or tomorrow. Thoughts on that pivotal summer I spent with him and my aunt, definitely. I would not have made it had I not had that summer.

My Aunt
She said she was so glad I'd moved here. "Now I have a daughter in Boston," she said, and she told me she was so proud of who I'd become.

You remind me of the babe
Jareth action figure! Just... wow.
Vincent Gallo is selling himself.

"I, Vincent Gallo, star of such classics as Buffalo 66 and The Brown Bunny have decided to make myself available to all women. All women who can afford me, that is. For the modest fee of $50,000 plus expenses, I can fulfill the wish, dream, or fantasy of any naturally born female. The fee covers one evening with Vincent Gallo. For those who wish to enjoy my company for a weekend, the fee is increased to a mere $100,000. Heavy set, older, red heads and even black chicks can have me if they can pay the bill. No real female will be refused. However, I highly frown upon any male having even the slightest momentary thought or wish that they could ever become my client. No way Jose. However, female couples of the lesbian persuasion can enjoy a Vincent Gallo evening together for $100,000. $200,000 buys the lesbos a weekend. A weekend that will have them second-guessing."

"Potential clients are advised to screen the controversial scene from The Brown Bunny to be sure for themselves that they can fully accommodate all of me. Clients who have doubt may want to test themselves with an unusually thick and large prosthetic prior to meeting me. You may be surprised just how much you can handle and how good it feels."


But seriously. Read down to the bottom of the page. Not only is he selling a night with his shkeevy self. He's selling his sperm, too. (Separately.)

"Mr. Gallo is 5'11" and has blue eyes. There are no known genetic deformities in his ancestry (no cripples) and no history of congenital diseases. If you have seen The Brown Bunny, you know the potential size of the genitals if it's a boy. (8 inches if he's like his father.) I don't know exactly how a well hung father can enhance the physical makeup of a female baby, but it can't hurt."

And hey! He has added incentive to sell to me...

"Under the laws of the Jewish faith, a Jewish mother would qualify a baby to be deemed a member of the Jewish religion. This would be added incentive for Mr. Gallo to sell his sperm to a Jew mother, his reasoning being with the slim chance that his child moved into the profession of motion picture acting or became a musical performer, this connection to the Jewish faith would guarantee his offspring a better chance at good reviews and maybe even a prize at the Sundance Film Festival or an Oscar."

So. Yeah. Read the whole thing. I am... stunned, really.

I think we should buy a night with Vincent Gallo and use it to put him to work on a Habitat for Humanity house, personally.

Daily Science
Smilack belongs to the group of one to four percent of people worldwide with synesthesia, the neurological mixing of the senses. No two synesthetes have exactly the same perceptual experiences. Many perceive each number, letter of the alphabet, or day of the week as a different color. For others, sounds from the environment are always accompanied by moving geometric patterns in their "mind's eye."

Daily BPAL
...don't feel like it today. Will do it tomorrow. *nods*
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