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And azhure made my day. I can't say *completely* why/how yet, for reasons that will be obvious when I *do*, but - she sent lovely frimps with a swap, and also she sent beautiful gifts. I haven't looked at Elayna's yet - she'll open it when she gets home. But I expect she'll be just as blown away as I am! (EDIT: She was. She gasped aloud when she saw her gifts from azhure - beautiful handmade earrings with a matching necklace - and vowed to wear them tomorrow.) She got her Package Pixie gift today, too. She's going to have a *great* mail day.

Other recent highlights from the mail:

* Thank you for the scarf and mp3 player, wispfox!

* Thank you for the soaps, whitecrow0!

* Thank you for the Chanukah gifts (as yet unopened, but wanted to let you know we got them), Spooky and texmorgan!

Other good things recently:

* getting to spend the bulk of two days with ayalanya

* getting to meet ultra_lilac, and see the joy in mgrasso when he's with her (mazel tov!)

* seeing the look of accomplishment and delight on Elayna's face during her concert Tuesday night. Some of the kids looked bored, some nervous, some just blah. Elayna looked happy, excited. She really loves this, and I'm really glad I got her involved.

Okay. What I need:

* a nap this afternoon.

* sex soon please.

* the company of friends, in low-impact activities. Movie or something.

* help wrapping gifts. Lots of people send Elayna gifts from and other places. No one springs for gift wrap. I understand this - they charge what, four bucks? Too much. But just know that, at the other end, there's a person who has to wrap all of those gifts, because half the fun of $WINTERHOLIDAY for a kid is that glittering array of giftage All For Them and the manic glee of ripping the paper off to see what's inside. You just don't get that from a cardboard box. So. Gimpy-handed me doing nonergonomic stuff over here.

* help hanging what little art we have up here.

* snuggling.

* Zan.

I go read now.
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