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* Phone call from ydnic, who's at the storage place picking up our stuff and will be schlepping it up here:

KmT: "Do you want the good news first, or the bad news? How about the good news?"
me: "Um. Eep. Let's do the bad news."
KmT: "There is enough stuff here to require a U-Haul, and I do not have a U-Haul."
me: "*whimper*"
KmT: "The good news is that I got your file cabinet, and maybe your iPod."

Well, I'll take that.

* Adam, please call the voicemail and tell me via e-mail to tell me if the message is important, because I cannot hear anything over the static on the line. After that, please call the godsdamned phone company about the static on the line.

* My uncle's death was apparently a complete surprise. He'd been losing weight, there was something wrong with his blood count (static drowned this out), they were running tests. And he was home with my aunt and requested manicotti for lunch, and she turned around, and she heard a thump, and he was on the floor. Just... gone. Just like that.

* Dad suggested that we go out to the Cape for the weekend instead of Monday. We can't, because ydnic is arriving on Saturday night. We were trying to figure out what to do, but the static on the line made it impossible. Repeat: Adam, please call the phone company. I can't. Because of the static. I told Dad we'd call him back tonight, on Adam's cell phone.

* Will also have to call Kires tonight re: my visit and helping to get the rest of our stuff. Would love to take care of this now. But. Static.

EDIT: Sorry. I just... I've had two and a half days of relentless physical activity after two-plus days of being flat on my back, and my body has completely crapped out; I did three hours of errands this morning, and every step hurt, shocks of pain up my thighs. My feet hurt now. A lot. And I'm just trying to plan shit with my grieving father - who knew my uncle for longer than he knew his own father; Dad was 39 when Grandpa died, and he was 9 when he met Uncle Sy - and I can't, because I can't hear him. And so we can't deal with the weekend stuff and funeral stuff. And I can't call Kires or Elayna's doctor or the health insurance company. And I hurt and I'm angry and upset and frustrated. And thinking about my aunt, my favorite aunt, just thinking everything was okay and going to get her husband some lunch, and then just - losing him. Just such a horrible random thing, such a nasty shock, such - okay. I'm done for now. I need to go lie down.
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