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Swimming yesterday was good for my back, but worked my thighs and knees a bit too hard; as I told Alanya, my body remembers things it can't do anymore. I automatically push off into a strong backstroke, cleaving the water like a knife, moving forcefully across the pool... but this pool is much larger than my parents' pool, and my body is fibro-y and deconditioned now. So I had to keep fighting my instincts and going slower, not extending my muscles as much, after that first flight across the pool. Had no trouble walking around Harvard Square afterward, but I had trouble walking later, after I rested, and had shoulder and upper back pain after I heard about my uncle. I'm a little better today. Not as good as I was yesterday in the pool. Maybe I'll go swimming again today, if I have time. I probably won't have time, though. :(

Link Soup
**New animated Star Trek series!

**What bothers me the most about this is that a fellow scienceblogger--who is surrounded by women who have *competed* at being nerdy, for crimeny's sake--is surprised by an attractive woman who shows an interest in science fiction, and thinks that this is a rare enough event to comment on it. Have we made absolutely no progress? Is sci fi still a "boy thing," while I should be more interested in Martha Stewart and Oprah? Is it just an anomaly for "hot" girls to read science fiction, or do science, or any "boy" thing you could name--but it's OK and expected for lesser attractive women to do so?

**Two dolphins were in serious danger of death this week when they swallowed some sharp shards of plastic from their pool in an acquarium in China. They were saved in the nick of time and are now recovering. Keepers at the aquarium had tried and failed to use surgical instruments to remove the plastic so they called in the world's tallest man, Mongolian herdsman Bao Xishun who stands a mighty 7 feet 9 inches tall, to reach in and remove the plastic.

**Special one-time tax credit!

**I so want to play this game. (Thanks, beelavender!)

**The best post about the new update page.

Daily Science
**A U.S. study has found that neural stem cells repair damaged brain tissue in laboratory mice far better than previously believed, a finding that could translate into treatment for stroke and other trauma.

**Microscopic grains recovered from a comet by a U.S. spaceprobe in an epic voyage could revise mainstream notions about how these lonely wanderers of the Solar System are born, scientists report.

Daily BPAL
Huh.I think I've tested all the rest of the frimps previously. Ah well - my Nov. 30th lab order should arrive soon, frimps in tow. Hopefully likewise the imps from rhovanion's Yule decant circle.

Friday memeage!
Academic conference T-shirt, purple pajama pants with swirls and stars. Why is it impossible to find a set of pajamas at Target these days? They used to have cute pajama sets. Now it's all separates. I may have to hit *shudder* the mall.

Decoding the Universe: How the New Science of Information is Explaining Everything in the Cosmos, from Our Brains to Black Holes, by Charles Seife. I'm really loving this. It is a library book, so I'm going to have to get my own copy, because I definitely want to be able to re-read it and lend it to people. I'll type up the section on mitochondrial DNA that made me go "dude!" later. For now? Highly recommended.

Elayna is Reading
Beauty Sleep, by Cameron Dokey (fairy tale retelling - guess which one), and the manga Full Moon and Pichi Pichi Pitch.

I was interrupted in my typing by a phone call from Elayna - she forgot her flute and concert outfit, and today's the winter concert for the school. (Tuesday's was for the parents.) So I had to run her stuff up to the school. And I went ahead and returned the library books, deposited my paycheck, bought packing tape, and got Starbucks because I was not going to make it home without coffee. (I do all of this on foot.)

Now I'm going to finish packing up holiday gifts and take them to the post office. Then haul laundry and put away clean dishes. Then sleep, most likely, or at least rest; then work on Job #3, because I haven't even logged in there this week. I *really* need to work out a flexible daily schedule for myself. It's just hard because my physical abilities fluctuate so damn much.

My parents are flying into town tomorrow. Dad was too wrecked last night to plan much, but it's likely that I'll be spending at least some portion of the weekend on the Cape with them. Don't know *which* portion. So if I've told you I'll be somewhere this weekend, make it a maybe. A strong maybe, in the case of Saturday night, since we have to be here for ydnic! Funeral's Monday.

*sigh* Okay. Back to getting shit done. *waves*
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