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Life with 'song and Adam

'song: "There were so many things in Newbury Comics that I had to resist buying for you. Oh! They had these action figures, these evolution-of-movie-psycopaths figures. And they had one for Halloween. And it had Michael Meyers, with, y'know, the face thing. And a tombstone for Judith Meyers, who is apparently the sister he killed. So. Okay. But then... there's an evil clown."

Adam: "An evil clown?"

'song: "Yes. An evil clown. I... there was no explanation of this on the package. Why was there an evil clown?"

Adam: "I have no idea. There are no clowns in the Halloween mythology."

'song: "Okay. So I didn't miss anything."

Adam: "Unless it was a clown mask, from Halloween III?"

'song: "No. A whole clown. Evil clown."

Adam: "You can stop saying 'evil clown'. That's redundant."

'song: "Okay."

Adam: "And there are no clowns in the story. They eventually retconned druids in. But they weren't clown druids."

That, dear reader, is where I cracked up.

Clown druids.

Adam found the figure online while I was typing this. Came in here. Said, "Oh, that's him wearing the clown costume he wore when he killed his sister."

'song: "He was wearing a clown costume during the pivotal event in his life? And you said there were no clowns?"

His defense is that I said that it wasn't a kid wearing a clown costume. Well, it didn't look like one. Just looked like a small evil clown ("Redundant", says Adam), like that wasn't a mask, but painted on. (Looks different in the packaging, seriously.)

I await robyn_ma's thoughts on clown druids.
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