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I'm having an I-love-everyone day. That's nice. :)

It's a vast improvement over the last few days. My lack of postiness has been due directly to my Lyrica withdrawal; I spent most of that time asleep or unable to type due to hand pain. We went ahead and just paid out of pocket for the Lyrica last night, so I can be seizure-free and in my right mind as I play tug-of-war with the health insurance company.

I need to call my massage therapist and apologize for missing yesterday's appointment. *sigh*

I got most of the rest of my gift shopping done today - including buying more things for people I'd already bought things for. *wry smile* And I just generally had fun poking around in little indie shops and craft stores in Davis and Central Squares. Picked up two s00j CDs at Pandemonium, too.

And I spent the day with people who make me happy. I smile whenever ayalanya and yunatwilight are in the room...

So. Happy day, despite getting rained on a bit. :) I need to just get out and wander the city more often. Especially when the weather's this non-icy. Maybe Friday. Depends how much I pay tomorrow for all the walking around today.

Oh! Anyone want to go to this with me on Saturday?
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