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Tomorrow: Massage at 11:00; errands; kid-concert at 7:00. (Which means no Diesel for the second week in a row, but - kid-concert!)
Wednesday: Davis Square shopping trip with yunatwilight. Late afternoon with ultra_lilac?
Thursday: Swimming with ayalanya!
Friday: Seeing ydnic? Or is that Saturday? Also - first night of Chanukah!
Saturday: See Friday; also, I have invites to two parties - would either of the hosts mind an additional guest, visiting from Georgia?
Sunday: Sleep.

This is also the week that I have to finish $WINTERHOLIDAY shopping and mail stuff where it all needs to go, so listing, shopping, wrapping, packing, and shipping need to be tucked into all existing schedule-crevices. *nod*

I am tired. I slept most of today. This may or may not be due in part to Lyrica withdrawal.

Thursday: Called my person at the health insurance company. She expressed frustration and bewilderment. Called doctor. Called doctor again. Doctor's office leaves voicemail saying "Okay, we're faxing it today." Called insurance co person just after hours (damn afternoon naps). Found out she was only in Monday-Thursday. Cursed roundly. Got a two-day supply of pills ($13) to tide me over.

Friday: Called insurance company. No one can find the fax. Called doctor. Called doctor again. Got call from doctor's office at about 4:50 asking me what was going on. 'Splained. Bitch at doctor's office (who's failed to do her job numerous times in the time I've known her) says "Dr. Z never wrote that prescription." I say "Yes, she did. Dr. L originally prescribed it, but Dr. Z was the last person to prescribe it. Therefore, her name is on the bottle; therefore, we need her autograph." Bitch 1) claims she already faxed it, but can't find the paper now (bullshit) and 2) says she has me down as taking 150mg twice a day. Me: "No, it's 300mg twice a day." Her: "Oh. I already wrote 150mg." Me: "At this point, I don't care. I'll just take four pills a day instead of two. I don't care. I just want to get some Lyrica. This has been going on for two weeks." She says she'll fax it. I take half a dose of my Lyrica stash.

Saturday: Half a dose.
Sunday: Half a dose, finishing out the stash.

Monday: I call the insurance company. My regular person. She can't find the fax. She wishes it had gone to her private number (previously supplied to the doctor's office) rather than to the main fax. I openly doubt that it ever got faxed. She calls her prior authorization line and calls me back - it isn't in the system. She says she'll call the doctor's office. I wait. I call back at about 4:50 (damn afternoon naps) and leave voicemail asking for a call back to advise how close we were to getting this thing resolved - pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket to just get all the damn pills now, or get another few days' worth and wait? No reply as of yet. *sigh*

And yeah, the general unwellness and exhaustion lately? Miiiight have something to do with the fact that I've dropped off my meds at an accelerated rate (by 300mg/day all at once, when you're supposed to taper off at a rate of 50mg/day for a week at a time) recently. (I put that together myself. I'm clever, I am.)

Hey, Adam's home! Hi, Adam!

EDIT: And also I hafta talk to m0usegrrl about our S00per Sekrit Plan.
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