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Happy birthday to jesshartley and zebrapix!

Hello to new reader blubeagle!


Song of the Day
"I Feel Fantastic", by Jonathan Coulton. Elayna and I may go to his show at Pandemonium tomorrow, pre-Diesel. *boogies down*

Very slow weekend, actually. We opted out of the chocolate party because I was feeling achy and nauseous, and I didn't want to drag our ride out early if I couldn't stick it out for the whole party. Rested, and got a phone call from one of my favorite madmen - "What are you doing tonight?" So, thanks to the miracles of Zipcar, willing friends, and the insanity of a beloved friend, I had a visit from a friend who drove quite a ways to get here. *laugh* He and his friend stayed overnight, and we got to hang out briefly with avivasedai and perldiver on Sunday. I crashed pretty much as soon as everyone left, thereby losing half of Sunday, and I ended up going to bed early. So. Slow weekend, but good weekend. Lots to think about.

Very much in Fenris and Jessa's story right now.

...*'song wanders off and returns half an hour later*

Umm. Bye. *blows kiss* *wanders back off*
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