Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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* Woke up in bunches of pain.
* Popped Tramadol.
* 'bout an hour of work on Job #2 - Shayara. (Job #1 - parenting. Job #3 - the paying job.)
* Hot hot shower. Hurts to move, but washed hair anyway because I have a hot date tonight with my husband and we are going to A Fancy Restaurant. (Elayna has a school dance.)


* Call health insurance company and various doctors.
* Pack up swaps to be taken to the post office tomorrow or Monday.
* Fill out disability appeal paperwork.
* Watch Saved! (took it out from the library, and it's due back soon).
* Work on Job #3.
* Nap.

...yep. I have a Lunesta hangover, so I'm too drowsy to think much right now. Will post more later.

EDIT: May I just say that disability paperwork is a bit humiliating? Checking off all the things I can no longer do because my body's gone haywire. It's a long list.

Chocolate for me, for finishing said paperwork as well as for having to do it at all.
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