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Individually, people involved in healthcare and health insurance may be very nice. But healthcare and health insurance as a whole? Counterintuitive, clogged, unreasoning, restrictive to the point of endangering patients, and frequently stupid.

The pharmacist wants to help me, but she can't, because health insurance is blocking it.

The woman at the health insurance company wants to help me, but she can't, because they need a doctor's signature.

The doctor has classically wanted to help me; why she hasn't signed this godsbedamned paper, I don't know. I've just been promised that she will call me in about five minutes. Because the person at my old clinic wants to help me.

It's a web of everyone understanding what I need (my meds) and wanting me to have it, but the web is snarled up by the slightest things. My doctor was on vacation, and the covering doctor refused to sign any paperwork. That blocked me for a week, but no one knew until afterward that that's what was happening. Before that, I was blocked for a week because the pharmacy tech unwittingly gave me incorrect information. I don't know why we're blocked this week. I'm trying my damnedest to find out.

Getting a refill on a prescription should not have to be the dominant thing in my daily life for three fucking weeks. It just shouldn't. That's wrong, and that's broken. And I have no idea how to fix the system, and the people within the system have actually been as helpful as they can be without losing their jobs. But the system is broken.

Otherwise, life is good. I'm sitting at my kitchen table, looking out the window, cozy in a fleece top, scenting the house with a gingersnap-scented wax tart, clearing out my inbox (from 600 down to 200 messages today). Ran the dishwasher, stripped the bed, had a nice shower. Feeling slow and sleepy today, so I'm taking my time getting things done, stopping to rest when I need to, and the fact that I can do that? Very good. I am in love and I am loved and I got some writing done yesterday for the first time since I moved up here. The writerbrain was tangled up in Move Stuff, and it's untangled now that we're pretty much set up here. Chanukah is coming up; I'm not done shopping overall (plan to hit Davis Square tomorrow to work on that), but I'm done shopping for my immediate family - mounds of packages piled 'round the hearth, gleaming in metallic blue and silver, waiting to be opened and loved. (I love gifting.)

EDIT: Oh! And caved and is paying me. I am fierce. Rar!
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