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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to phantom_wolfboy! *snuggles the wolfboy*

Still not 100%, but vastly improved from yesterday, thanks to a good night's sleep. Which I credit to Lunesta and to BPAL's TKO aromatherapy blend - thanks for the sniffie, supremegoddess! I'm still exhausted, I'm still achy, but I'm functional. Got two days' worth of Lyrica from the pharmacy to tide me over. Must call the health insurance company *again* this morning. And poke them about my Lunesta approval as well as my Lyrica.

Random Annoyance
I really need the file cabinet that's in storage in Georgia. And my iPod. And, hell, any number of other things. But mostly those first two.

Reminder to self
No dessert today unless I get at least two hours done on the paying job.

Posts to make
Philcon, BDSM with fibro, Sophie B. Hawkins, Spooky, holidays, upcoming Shayara stuff.

Daily Science
A Chinese woman was admitted to Huashan Hospital in Shanghai, with a chopstick in her brain (!)---specifically the inferior prefrontal subcortex. The chopstick was removed by a Dr. Zu, who took the opportunity to culture the brain tissue that came out with the chopstick. He wanted to verify whether there existed adult neural stem cells there...

Daily BPAL

Strawberry Moon: Strawberry moon is a blending of strawberries and cream with light, dry lotus and soft ylang ylang and a touch of green tea and sage to bring it closer to Earth.

In bottle: Yep. Strawberry. :)

On me: I get a little bit of the sage underlying it, but this is mostly Strawberry, as befits the name. No evil ylang ylang, yay!

Ides of March: rosemary, bergamot, lemon rind and vervain with costus, benzoin, gray amber, cardamom, white narcissus and iris.

In bottle: Rosemary and amber.

On me: Rosemary with light, nonintrusive florals. :) I'd held off on this one for fear of lemon - this is actually a gift for Elayna, whose birthday is the Ides of March. I may borrow some from her, from time to time.

Destroying Angel: One of the deadliest mushrooms to ever pop through Gaia’s soil. Papery white notes evoke the grace of this fungi, grounded by thin, crisp soil.

In bottle: Light mushroom.

On me: This scent = slipjig and I standing next to each other in comfortable silence on Thanksgiving day, prying stems out of to-be-stuffed mushrooms. :) I feel the texture of the mushrooms; I taste the light earthiness of the stems slipjig and I popped into our mouths, grinning. :)

Horn of Plenty: Forces a change of fortune, helps overcome poverty and want, and helps attract prosperity, prestige and earthly bounty.

In bottle: Very golden.

On me: Hm. Thick and dark and sticky, beneath the gold. Interesting.
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