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midmorning miscellany

...I know exactly where Adam is keeping my $WINTERHOLIDAY gifts, and it is so hard to refrain from peeking.


Related: Locals who want to give me gifts but are shy on monies can give me coupons for around-the-house assistance with multiple-person things like building bookcases, hanging art, and folding sheets. That would be keen.

Unrelated: I am sick ("And tired!" /billcosbyhimself) of dealing with stupid health insurance bullshit. The latest? The request was faxed to my Atlanta doctor last week, yes, marked urgent, but she was out of the office, and the covering doctor didn't feel comfortable signing it. Nyargh. So. The person I spoke to today gave me her direct line and actually called me back with info; I think she groks that this is an emergency, at least. So. We'll see if the form gets signed today. If not, I have a decision - stop Lyrica cold turkey, or shell out hundreds of dollars and pray for reimbursement.

Also unrelated: Heard back from They didn't credit me for *any* friends, since they interpreted my "your invite system isn't working consistently" as "no people invited". I sent them the list from my friends-page there, but it would be helpful if those of you who I invited who joined e-mail me with your nickname there so I can make sure you're on the list. And add me there. I don't get credit unless you do. Also, the people you should contact to make sure you get paid are Jane Crawford <> and Antonella Stellacci <>.

*head in hands*

*deep breath*

Okay. Off to go Handle Stuff. I will not let the aforementioned bullshit dominate my day. I will concentrate on the first snow of the season, on Getting Stuff Done in a happy and satisfactory way, on still half-dwelling in the garden of catvalente's book, on being surrounded by good things. Life is good. Love is good. My cozy book-lined office is good. The worlds in my head are good. I will go have a nice hot shower now, and that will also be good.
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