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...and here's your randomosity.

Things people care about first, then things people might not care about...

* Adam, Elayna, and I will be in North Florida from Dec. 22-26. We might be able to swing an Orlando get-together on the 26th, if there's interest.

* Elayna and I will be in South Florida from Dec. 26-Jan 2. Mmmmaybe. We might be doing a Disney New Year's, but that's far from certain at this point. Anyway, I'd love to get together with my South Florida LJ peeps (did I just say peeps when not referring to marshmallow treats?) while I'm there.

* Adam, Elayna, and I will be at Arisia! I will be having a room party (must contact the guy re: that). I would appreciate donations from attendees toward cost of room, as I'm not having it in our regular room, as Elayna needs to sleep. She has already learned the 5-2-1 rule. Anyway, I would love to see everyone who's going to be in town for Arisia, but due to sheer volume of people, that party will be the best time. That and my panels (TBA), and meals.


* If you want to give Elayna a $WINTERHOLIDAY gift, you can hit her Amazon wishlist, you can give to her favorite charity (Heifer Project), you can give her something cool that you made, or you can give her S.J. Tucker CDs - she'd especially like Sirens, for the alligator song. (Comment if you do, so she doesn't get multiple copies?)

Okay, stuff you probably don't care about:

* The one flaw of my fabulous desk? No drawers. So I must create drawers/storage.

Nifty desk trays.

Containers for wee supplies.

Storage for stuff like tape, extra staples, whatever.

* There's supposed to be snow tomorrow! Remind me to write up my first experience with snow...
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