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This is becoming a pattern.

Had a wonderful day yesterday - will write it up eventually, as I have lots of thoughts on it, but for now, go read Adam's post about it!

Crashed out the later part of yesterday and all of today. Today consisted of breakfast - reading the paper - bringing comic boxes upstairs - shelving most of Elayna's books - falling asleep until now.

So. Pattern. Having one great day that involves some measure of physical activity/social energy, followed by one or more days that exhaustion and pain steal from me.

I don't like this exchange rate. Not one bit. I mean, it's nice that it's clear-cut and obvious, of course. And it's wonderful that I'm having great days - I wasn't in Georgia, so this is progress.

But still - I feel that I'm too young to pay such a price for every joy. Everyone knows that their body will crap out when they get old, but 32's not old. (Hush, all you college kids reading me. It's not. It's not supposed to be.) I was not prepared to deal with this.


Lost today. Which also meant losing a chance to hang out with someone I really like and have had almost no time wth since I moved here.*growl*

Tomorrow, I will reschedule my sleep-deprived EEG, since I think I've slept overmuch today for it to actually be a sleep-deprived EEG. I will call first thing in the morning and deal with insurance bullshit, as I run out of backup Lyrica tomorrow night, which means a) paying hundreds of dollars to get it sans insurance if they can't straighten this out, or b) stopping cold-turkey and dealing with withdrawal and seizures. I will go to the library, because that is good for my soul; otherwise, I will not do anything physically arduous, in order to save energy for evening yoga. I will write, I will read, I will list-make and possibly internet-shop, I will maybe have a nice hot bath. (I will also locate a craft store and a Staples.)

The urge to do twice as much on the good days in order to make up for the days the previous good days cost me is a vicious cycle, y0.
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