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Afternoon miscellany

* BPAL arrived! Bitter Moon, Glitter, Typhon, and Purple Phoenix, with many frimps. I dabbed them all on quickly to see if I needed more bottles, as the latter three are going away today. Impressions:

Glitter: The heliotrope overwhelms the pear and pulls it under, only to disappear itself, leaving me with nothing.

Typhon: Single-Note Vetiver fades and allows a touch of patchouli to mingle. Not bad, but not me.

Purple Phoenix: Wow. That's purple. That's really, really purple. I like purple, but I don't need more than one bottle of it.

Bitter Moon: Oh dear heavens. I'm in love. I swear I can smell the blackberry seeds in here. Poppy, lotus root, and sage tease at the edges, but this belongs to the blackberries. Nearly tactile.

So, yeah. Will swap Glitter for more Bitter Moon!

* Need to bake for bake sale. Need ride to bake sale, ideally, as it'll be hard to navigate the T with a cake and a gross of cookies. Anyone feel like tooling out to Davis Square?

* I love being able to spend the morning wrapping gifts and getting stuff done around the house. It's just a great feeling.

* Hi! :)
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