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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to Helly! *bounces for Helly*

Hello to new reader jadasc!

Feeling okay. Yoga was harder this morning than it was last time... muscles are tight. I really need to work on doing a bit of yoga first thing in the morning, just because it does start me off with more energy and focus.

Deadline on finalizing panel requests for Arisia, of which I have, um, many. Way too many. Must prune. Also deadline on ordering Halloweenies/Order of the Dragon scents from BPAL. Also day to submit invoice for writing job. So today's plans = write til I collapse, nap, invoice, buy stuff, prune panel requests, dinner with mgrasso. And I have to bake a cake somewhere in there, for lifecollage's bake sale. Cookies can wait til tomorrow.


Daily Science
In their experiments, the researchers isolated sperm from Drosophila melanogaster, the common fruit fly, and "chopped" up the proteins into smaller pieces. Subsequent analysis by mass spectrometry, a technique used by chemists to analyze the composition of small molecules, revealed what proteins were present, allowing researchers to determine which genes had been expressed.

They identified 381 proteins in the sperm proteome, a 50-fold increase in the number previously identified. The data revealed that the sperm proteome could be divided into seven broad functional categories. Not unexpectedly, they found that 21 percent of proteins were involved in energetics and metabolism, and nine percent were cytoskeletal proteins. But proteins whose functions were unknown made up a whopping 31 percent of those identified.

Daily BPAL

The Brides of Dracula: gleaming skin musk, honey and white amber, plum blossom, osmanthus, sandalwood, calla lily, and a light, sensual blend of Eastern spices.

In bottle: Aaaaagh floral.

On me: Hmm. Less floral. Got the honey. But getting the honey through the bouquet. Aaaaand it's back to all-floral, all the time. Damn.

Dr. John Seward: Penetrating and gifted, vulnerable, with just a hint of opium-blurred delirium: poppy smoke, champaca flower, tonka, sandalwood, ginger, white pepper.

In bottle: Smoky, with a bit of floral.

On me: Ugh! Whatever that is, get it off me! Is it the tonka? Just - ew.

R.M. Renfield: Unhinged: moss, cumin, patchouli, Balsam of Peru, and neroli.

In bottle: Darkly mossy.

On me: This is barely there. Very light moss. So faint.

Kindly Moon: Utterly ethereal, an exquisite expression of love: moonflower, lotus root, white gardenia, beeswax, peach blossom, blue musk, stargazer lily, golden osmanthus, ti, sandalwood, hyacinth, ylang ylang, and a touch of vanilla bean.

In bottle: It's *sweet*!

On me: Lotus and beeswax, a lovely honeyed thing. I gave this a pass when it was up on the site for fear of the peach blossom and ylang ylang, but those never surface. It's all sweet musky honeyed lotus. (This is what I wore to the Diesel this week, for those who hugged me.) *hearts* I have a bottle on order now.

So it looks like the big winners here are Samhainophobia (deep dark forest floor) and Count Dracula (cinnamon and clove 'round the edges of skin-warmed leather). Along with Devil's Night and Samhain, which I've already got bottles of. I liked a bunch of the rest, but don't need bottles of them - imps should do me. Yay!
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