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My Day

Woke up. Took meds, including Flexeril. Typed morning post. Got to work on writing job. Managed almost an hour on it before the steady creep of soul-deep exhaustion dropped me.

Slept til 4.

Was briefly awakened at 1 by child reminding me of the parent-teacher conference at 1:25. Tried to get up. Failed utterly. My hapless stagger to the bathroom showed that I could not possibly walk to her school, and driving in this brainfuzzed condition? So not an option.

Fell back asleep. Stone-dead sleep. Til 4.

Woke up. Sent child down to get mail. Oooo, comics. Read comics til husband got home.

Husband suggested a grocery store run. I looked up at him like he'd just taken away my favorite toy. He decided to go without me. I crashed on the couch again.

I feel now a little like I did on Trileptal - the lag, the brainfog, the difficulty moving.

Okay. No more Flexeril.

But I've missed a whole day. DAMMIT.
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