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Tew's Day

Hello to new readers alexjay, persis, and x_bluerose_x!

Bad pain from overdoing yesterday. I still owe a post on the new neuro, but my hands hurt right now, so - later!

I owe a post on this, too. For now, be content with Thanksgiving reviews from rafaela and slipjig.

This is why I love my husband.
Well, not the only reason. But posts like this show you what life with us is like.

Daily Science
If you can ignore spelling and grammar issues: Anatomy of a Black Hole.

If you can't: "...a 56 year-old man's quest to discover the story behind the procedure he received as a 12-year-old boy - a frontal lobotomy."

Daily BPAL

The Bloody Sword: A distillation of force, conquest, power and fury: dragon’s blood, myrrh, black pepper, labdanum, benzoin, leather, fire, and steel.

In bottle: Almost astringent.

On me: Dragon's blood, check. Black pepper, check. Unfortunately, nothing's showing up to temper this sword. The astringent smell is back and more unpleasant than ever.

Carfax Abbey: The scent of abandoned places, of desolation and emptiness: heavy woods and thin dusty herbs touched by the wafting incense of a nearby chapel.

In bottle: Herbs and wildflowers.

On me: Yep, herbal. Not woody at all. It does smell like abandoned places - crumbling stone half-walls protecting a nook grown over with fragrant "weeds". I like it. Must decide if I need a bottle.

The Carpathian Mountains: Mountain air and the scent of crisp snow blanketing the mountain’s flora: Scottish fir, beech, cembra and mugho pine, rhododendron, currant, honeysuckle, raspberry leaf, dwarf juniper, sedge, meadow grass, snowdrop, rose bay, lily of the valley, starwort, lichen and mosses.

In bottle: Wintergreen, leaves, lily.

On me: Wintergreen Tic-Tacs. What the hell, dude?

Count Dracula: The essence of nobility, brutality and true Will made flesh and propelled through the eons by an ever-burning hatred: black patchouli, neroli, tonka, cinnamon, bitter clove, leather, black musk, coffin wood and fiery ginger.

In bottle: Patchouli and cinnamon.

On me: The cinnamon sinks into the dark leather. Clove comes out, licking at the edges. There is a sweetness to this darkness. The ginger and clove sometimes flare bitter, like an unintentional flash of fang, but it settles back into the smooth sweet dark. I like. :)
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