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Things I have done today

* Called to get "prior authorization" bullshit re: my Lyrica prescription sorted out.

* Went to neurologist appointment. You will be relieved to know that the new neuro is *great*. :)

* Got blood drawn for rheumatologist.

* Got car and renter's insurance all settled

* Returned/renewed/checked out more library books

* Got local checking account

* Dropped off new prescriptions at CVS (Flexeril for pain, Lunesta for sleep)

* Got keys made for Elayna and for whoever catsits while we're out of town

* Signed Elayna up for the Boys and Girls Club. They have a swim team!

Those last five were on foot. My legs and knees are killing me. Wish I'd picked up the Flexeril, but I decided to do that tonight, post-yoga.

I get to nap now, dammit.
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