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Wrapping Elayna's Chanukah gifts, listing them here for my reference:

iLamp (architect-style lamp with built-in iPod dock and speakers - she likes to listen to music while doing her homework/cleaning her room (can't imagine where she gets that from!), and radio is a disappointment)

Raise and Release Butterfly Canopy

National Geographic 3-D Space Projector

The Healing Garden lavender spa-stuff set

DK Smithsonian Instrution book: Animal. It's huge, and massively informative and fun. :)

Guinness Book of World Records 2007

Monster House on DVD - the recent animated movie, not the series

Super Princess Peach for Nintendo DS.

I'll list her Christmas stuff when I wrap it; just doing this now when she's home because I had to get with Adam to decide what would be given for Christmas and what for Chanukah, besides the obvious stocking-stuffer-size items (buttons from nancylebov, Fluxx, hair accessories) being set aside for her Christmas stocking.

What religion are we? Yes, please. *laugh* We were both raised Jewish; I'm now pagan and Adam's a militant agnostic (I don't know, and you don't, either!), but we'll celebrate anything that gives us gifts and/or food. My birthmother, who found us when I was 24, celebrates Christmas with her brother and sister-in-law, so she flies us down there for that - and that's how we gained an extra winter holiday.

Now, to the wrapping!
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