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It's messy in my brain

Last night's dreams:

Phase One
A series of a dozen really awful nightmares. I know it was a dozen because they were a *set*. This was at once reassuring and dreadful - reassuring because I knew they'd eventually stop, dreadful because they kept getting worse. And I kept doing that almost-resurfacing thing between - enough that I would realize I was asleep and dreaming, not enough to actually wake myself up.

After #12, managed to yank myself awake. Realized that I was most likely coming down with a cold. Also realized how much pain I was in. Went to the bathroom to divest myself of excess snot. Returned to bed and clutched Adam for dear life as a ward against further nightmares.

I blame Phase II upon leakage from Adam's brain. Damn leaky brain.

Phase Two
A children's show: Cthulhu and Jeff.

No, I'm not kidding.

Plot: On a space exploration vessel, Cthulhu is unwittingly summoned up. Well, it's a transdimensional ectoplasmic being with a cute tail that gets nicknamed Cthulhu.

Roll with this, okay?

On the ship, there is a baby. Cthulhu and the baby are terribly amused by each other and instantly bond. In more ways than one.

Ectoplasmic tail sticking out of the baby's skin as Cthulhu roots around in there? Kinda weird to begin with.

And it was meta, a show-within-a-show-within-a-dream, so I got episodes of the show itself as if they were being lived, and as if I were seeing the backstage stuff.

So. Yeah.

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