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Much chaos, much cooking, much food! And many friends, many of whom were strangers to each other before tonight. I love bringing people together...

And after the food, I encouraged slipjig to bring out his guitar. He played and sang, then rafaela joined in, and then everyone... and then I brought down my drums and tambourine, and strapped my bells to my ankles. Hesitantly, people picked up the drums and toyed with them. It was wired_lizard who first really started playing, grooving out on the ashiko. Elayna picked up the smaller bodhran, and was striking it out of turn...


She turned to me, pausing her striker above the skin.

"Close your eyes."

A skeptical look.

"Close your eyes, and let the music tell you what to do."

And she did. She closed her eyes, she opened herself to the rhythm that wired_lizard was channeling - and she joined in seamlessly, carrying her thread in perfect time and spirit.

Have you ever done just what the music wanted you to do? In dancing or in playing? Have you ever felt the power of that?

Elayna did tonight. She discovered it, and I got to watch. And hell, mgrasso and theloriest were delighted just watching me watch her. *laugh*

rafaela joined in on the big bodhran, and slipjig on guitar, and the musc just lived here for a while.

I love my friends, and I love my daughter, and I love Thanksgiving. :)
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