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Odin's Day

Hello to new readers celticwhisper20, nelilly, and theloriest!

About the same.

Last Night
Opted for an evening close to home rather than schlepping out to the Diesel; Gwyn needed the rest, and Elayna needed the extra homework time. Our group spontaneously grew, as fibro_witch and theloriest dropped by, and mgrasso called and was lured over. So. Wild Willy's burgers, rousing game of Apples to Apples, showing of Veronica Mars, and theloriest being visibly thrilled that she knows "real people" now. (She just moved here - say hi, Bostonians! (She's cute!))

Must show Gwyn library. Also, must get turkey, pie crust, light bulbs, and wine. And an airbed. *nod* fibro_witch and theloriest will be sweeping us off for the latter set of errands, and liamstliam and mgrasso are swinging by later. And slipjig and rafaela arrive tonight! *bounce*

REMINDER: Our house is open to you! The Foundling's Thanksgiving exists to bring together those who don't have bio-family to spend the day with, those who'd prefer not to spend the day with bio-family, and/or those who want to spend the day with chosen family. Come on in and be hugged and fed, and recite Princess Bride alongside us. :)

I love Thanksgiving. :)

Downside of the holidays? Crazybusy. I owe a bunch of you e-mail. And some of you pimpage. I will get 'round to it, but likely not before the weekend...

Daily Science
Two supernovae, no waiting!

Daily BPAL
The Halloweenies/OoTDs are here, just in time! Let's hit some Halloweenies.

Creepy: This season’s Ridiculous Scent! As creepy as Spooky was spooky, this is the scent of butterscotch-kissed, caramel-smothered red apples spiked with a blast of coconut rum.

In bottle: Very buttery.

On me: Still buttery. It takes a moment for the apples to peep through. They're barely there.

Dia De Los Muertos '06: This is a Mexican paean to La Huesuda: dry, crackling leaves, the incense smoke of altars honoring Death and the Dead, funeral bouquets, the candies, chocolates, foods and tobacco of the ofrenda, amaranth, sweet cactus blossom and desert cereus.

In bottle: Cactus!

On me: Cactus! blended with a bunch of other jumbled stuff. This is way more cactusy than Dia '04.

Punkie Night: This is a light-hearted scent: apple orchards, bright cranberries, and a touch of warm cider.

In bottle: Cider spiked with berries.

On me: The berry bit makes it murky. Not for me. (This smells so different on Alanya!) EDIT: Oh, it clears up in a few minutes. Okay. This is more like what it was like on her.

Samhainophobia: The fear of Halloween. Menacing Haitian vetiver, patchouli, and clove with a shock of bourbon geranium, grim oakmoss, and dread-inspiring balsams pierce the innocuous scent of autumn leaves.

In bottle: Yep, that's vetiver!

On me: The vetiver is beating up all of the other notes and taking their lunch money. I *like* vetiver, mind you, but I'd like to see some of these other notes, too! :(

Question of the day: What are you doing for Thanksgiving?
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