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My Day, by Shadesong, age 32 3/4

- You know how the GP told me he wouldn't do anything til I got evaluated by the rheumatologist and neurologist? Well, the rheumatologist won't do anything til I get evaluated by the neurologist. *growl* Even more disturbingly, he's not convinced fibro's the only thing wrong here - yes, including the epilepsy. Apparently I have pain where I oughtn't to, and the hand thing isn't characteristic of fibro. So I get to have the lupus test again, plus a metabolic panel, and something with needles in my arms to figure out why I'm twitching.

+ Thai yoga massage = doubleplusgood. I have been stretched and pretzeled and pummeled, and my muscles have loosened up, and I'm feeling good. Followed it up with a nice hot shower.

+ Gwyn will be here soon!

+ The project I'm providing content for? Once you figure out the app, it's fun! It is my new toy. It is *perfect* for my brainmeats.So I'm playing around with Shayara stuff on it. Yay. :)

+ Had pie last night. Pie! And was nuzzled and kissed by two lovely people. :) Hot damn, I love Boston.

So. It evens out.
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