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Happy birthday to irana! I miss you, lady...

Hello to new readers pete_wisdom, regalpewter, and trillsie! Great to meet all of you. :)

Let's just say that I usually try to avoid the Tramadol, but I've taken it every morning for the last several days. And the hand thing is getting worse, and the twitches are getting worse. *sigh* I have the doctor appointment tomorrow.

Stuff to Do
Adam cleared his office, so now I can shelve books! So. That. Then I'll have access to the gift/craft closet, and can wrap Chanukah gifts. (Christmas gifts can wait. :P) Then writing, and getting the house generally tidy and habitable for gwynraven's visit!

...was wonderful. :) Will write later, when hands don't hurt, about all of it - most particularly meeting so many of Spooky's important-type people, and her animals, and the Sophie concert...

Daily Science
Call them laser-guided smart bombs for brain tumors. Researchers at the University of Michigan announced the testing of a drug delivery system that involves drug-toting nanoparticles and a guiding peptide to target cancerous cells in the brain. Their study finds that via this method more of the drug can be delivered to a tumor's general vicinity.
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