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GAH! and Foundling's Thanksgiving

The GAH! part: My family is very indulgent re: my napping. To the point where I *just woke up* at 7. Yeah. Um. That was at *least* three and a half hours, and almost made me miss out on hanging-out plans, and definitely made me miss out on writing time. Not that my beloved family knew any of this. They just wanted to let me rest. *pained sigh*


We have Gwyn, slipjig + rafaela, yunatwilight + T., fibro_witch + theloriest - jmspencer, ragingamazon, do we have you? skintalker, are you and the pack a certainty? nihilistic_kid? Spooky, do you know yet if you can make it? Anyone else? We have to buy food this weekend, so we need a headcount! Seriously, any of you Bostonians that need a place to go for Thanksgiving are very welcome.

Last year's menu worked, so we'll reproduce it:

Turkey (prepared by Adam this year)
Mushroom stuffing (one batch de-shroomed for Cyn) (not prepared inside the carcass)
Rosemary-garlic smashed potatoes
Cinnamon-roasted sweet potatoes
Steamed green beans with cracked pepper and chevre
Parmesan roasted asparagus
Spiced carrots
Corn a la Elayna
Cranberry sauce

The things with cheese can have a cheeseless batch available, as the cheese is a last-minute addition.

Pumpkin pie
Chocolate bourbon cake

Attendees are welcome to bring anything they like, or nothing but their own sweet selves; house allergies are, variably, dairy (EJ), soy protein, buttermilk, shrimp, horseradish, random rare crap ('song), so please label dishes that contain same. Other allergies are here.

Elayna will be making the pumpkin pie, brownies (her recipe!), and corn. I don't know if she's doing anything to the corn, or if it's just going to be a plain bowl of corn.

Thanksgiving! Yay!
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