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Thor's Day

Sleep was a great restorative. Then there was yoga.

(I keep typing "Yoda". Holy cow, I'm White and Nerdy.)

Yes, I went to the 6:15 AM class. Yes, I'm crazy.

Dude. My spine feels straighter. I feel *lighter*. It was difficult in some parts, oh yes. But I will be going back. This *helped*.

Okay, so it's me, elionwyr, crystalsage, hughcasey, caulay, ahf, norda, octoberland, techempage... anyone else going to PhilCon? I posted my schedule already, plus I'm going to be at PhilProm, and I'll try to make it to the LJ meetup. Want to see boutell and shellefly on Sunday if possible, ride willing...

Daily Science
Mirrors in orbit around Mars could create Earth-like conditions on a small patch of the planet's surface, according to a NASA-funded study. The extra sunlight would provide warmth and solar power for human explorers, but some experts say the mirrors may be hard to deploy.

Scientists and science-fiction authors have long dreamed of turning Mars into a more Earth-like planet for future human colonists. The process, called terraforming, involves thickening Mars's atmosphere and increasing its temperature. But schemes to transform the entire planet would take centuries and would require enormous resources.

Now, Rigel Woida, an engineering student at Arizona State University in Tucson, US, is investigating the possibility of "terraforming" just a small patch of the planet's surface by focusing sunlight on it from orbiting mirrors.

Now I go shower, then call rheumatologist, then write.
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