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Things get better.

Post-nap, post-Elayna's-school-fundraiser, I am curled up on the newly-reassembled couch in my cozy, warm little home. My husband brings me coffee and chocolate ice cream. My cat stretches and pads across the couch to curl up in the space between my belly and legs, resting his head on my knee, draping a proprietary leg over my thigh; I rub his chest, feeling soft thick warm fur, feeling his content rumbly purr.

Still in pain. Always that.

But I love my new home. And I have the best husband imaginable, and wonderful loving cats. (And a fabulous kid, already in bed at this point.)

It's all going to be okay.

As for stuff in last post...

* Adam's definitely taking care of the boxes/bookcases situation this weekend, as it's driving him crazy as well. (Also, he's wondering if anyone would like to take him out $WINTERHOLIDAY shopping for me. Volunteers, e-mail yendi AT!)

* I'll be in Philadelphia for PhilCon, Friday through Sunday. I have that tiny bit of trepidation I feel about going places where I don't know many people (like my first Arisia), but I'll be fine. I'll have Spooky. :) The first time we'll have spent together without me in a hospital bed in months! And...crap. I just realized that I really should have business cards.

* I am an absolute beginner at yoga, is why I don't just do the poses at home; I'd probably screw it up and strain something! I'd like to be taught the poses, then I'll be more confident. I *may* go to a midday Slow Flow class; the Fundamentals class is for the raw beginner, but the Slow Flow is supposed to be accessible to beginners. I just don't want to screw up people's experience by always asking questions, when that's what Fundamentals is for - but a midday class should be smaller than an evening class. So. Fewer people, more opportunity for one-on-one guidance without being disruptive. I may also get a massage there.

Goals for tomorrow:

* Slow Flow yoga class. Options are 6:15 AM, 5:15 PM, 5:45 PM, and 7:15 PM. The first and the last are the best options in terms of having someone to watch the kid.

* Go to CVS and get prescriptions filled. (There's a print shop on the way - maybe get business cards?)

* Sign contract and Statement of Work for new job, and get cracking, as tomorrow starts a new pay cycle.

* Watch premiere of 3 Lbs., as Adam's not interested and we need space on the TiVo.

* Bubble bath with new Spicy Gingerbread from Bath & Body Works. Warmth to aching muscles = doubleplusgood.

* Do not do any physical labor - save energy for PhilCon.

* Pack for PhilCon. (Include heatwraps.)

My cat is in my lap now, purring away. Going to the shelter that day, on a total whim... man, was I lucky. Getting Max was one of the best decisions I ever made. (Having Elayna is still #1. Marrying Adam is #2.)

That is all for now. Sleep must happen. Particularly if I actually plan to be somewhere at 6:15.
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