Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


* New doctor friendly, but useless; unwilling to do anything til I get reviewed by the neurologist and rheumatologist. Made appt for neuro for 11/27. Called rheum's office, left message.

* Hauled my ass around the mall and Target. *Started* in serious pain. Imagine me now!

* I think I'm done $WINTERHOLIDAY shopping for Adam and Elayna, and a few other people. *Think*, because I can't access packed gifts until Adam gets the bookcases set up in his office so I can get the books out of the way here. Dear Adam: That NEEDS to happen this weekend.

* Am so stressed out by the physical impact of all of this and not getting help from my doctor that I found myself in near-tears upon realizing that, one again, I can't go to yoga. The beginner's class is Saturday and Wednesday. Saturday morning, I was dragged all over doing errands, so I couldn't make it (and consequently couldn't go help ragingamazon, as promised, because my body was beat). Tonight, Elayna has a school thing. And this upcoming Saturday, I'll be in Philadelphia. This is something that could really help me, and I can't manage to *get* there.

* I realize that being near-tears over not being able to go to yoga is unreasonable. So I'm going to go lie down now, as I have clearly lost all ability to deal.

* Shoutouts in lieu of spending time digging up e-mails: ragingamazon, I'm sorry - I overnapped and got to Diesel late, and didn't get your e-mail til after! Spookylove, yes, a tux from the Haunt would be great, and yes, get the Sophie tickets. *kiss*

* Not going to be responding to stuff here, as I am out of cope. Yes, my life is actually fantastic now - it's just that, today, my body has fuXX0red me. I'm gonna go have a pumpkin muffin and a long nap. Hopefully I'll be back in my right mind after a little rest.

* Anyone know of any discount airlines with a Boston --> Orlando route?
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