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Afternoon miscellany

* After shelving Martin - Rowling, putting up the stereo, and doing a little more pushing about of books to make space, I'm once again at the point where I can go no further without Adam's help. The rest of the bookcases are in his room, blocked off by boxes and Stuff that is His Stuff, and I don't want to mess with His Stuff.

I can go no further in my office until the books are shelved; there's just no room to do anything, and no clear idea of what space I have.


It's good that I have a Stopping Point, though, so I don't push my body too far. And don't worry, I've been resting between tasks.

* I've been so absorbed in the pain and unpacking cycle that I've not been paying proper attention to Important People. I suck. I get obsessed. Just - I need to shelve through Zelazny, then set up my altar and the crafts and gift closet, and then I'll pull away, I promise.

* The couch gets disassembled, moved in, and reassembled tomorrow. Much trepidation, y0.

* I'm going to the doctor on Wednesday.

* If you live in the Boston area, rest assured that I want to see/meet you!

* Boston-area BPALers - meet-and-sniff at my house, Black Friday afternoon! Bring your BPAL and your Thanksgiving leftovers! E-mail me for the address.
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