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Hello to new readers yudinsoha and zebrapix!

Woke up with the claw-hand again, this time for no discernable reason. Okay, I'm calling the doctor.

Link Soup
Wonder Woman in bondage - see, this is what I'm talking about with the things that influence we future kinky people.

Acetominophen recall!

A list of every video played on MTV's first day. With links to most of the videos.

Black Friday ad scans. If you're crazy enough to go shopping on Black Friday, more power to ya.

Daily Science
British scientists have developed an aircraft-mounted laser to discover earthquake fault lines hidden by forest cover and never before seen.

The University of Leicester researchers' technique can be used in mountainous terrain to virtually deforest the landscape and reveal details of the forest floor topography, including the traces of active faults.

Daily BPAL

Sundew: A carnivorous enchantress: diverse, lovely and graceful, emitting a sticky, glowing golden, sweet and terminally inviting scent. Its dew is believed to grant eternal beauty and longevity, and restore vitality and vigor to the magician.

In bottle: Yellow and herbal.

On me: Yep, sharply herbal. Sadly, I do not like it.

Lucy's Kiss: Seductive, wanton and deadly, but underscored with a soft, wistful innocense. The gentle scent of rose and a blend of Victorian spices

In bottle: Rose, but not quite as chemical as usual.

On me: Hm. Indeed, it's not as chemical as usual. I don't *like* it. But it actually smells like a rose, not a factory.

Clio: Her scent is the warm, dry parchment of scrolls, lavender for critical thought and analysis, the solidity of heavy woods, ornery patchouli and glib benzoin, and superstar-splashed orange and amber.

In bottle: Lavender and patchouli.

On me: Lavender and patchouli. Amber blossoms out. Got an orange wood-polish thing going on. This is too much, a mess, on me. mgrasso has dibs on it.

I should do a meet and sniff at my house soon; my swap box is filling up. Gwyn, want to do it while you're here?
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