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State of the 'song

When I cancelled plans to attend Midwest Haunt Con and PiCon this summer, I did it because I wanted to rest and give the fibro a chance to get better.

Months later...

...I'm not going to get better. This is the new normal.

I slept most of yesterday, a result of overwork on Thursday and Friday. In my waking hours, I was a mass of pain. Could barely move. Hands frozen into claws.

The new normal.

So I need to find balance - a way to get things accomplished that leaves me in only normal amounts of pain. Must embrace slowness. Yes, me, the girl with the briskest walk.

Enough of that. The state of the rest of the 'song:

Things are getting done. My office is still clogged with boxes, but it's clearing up - enough so that, as of today, I can actually work here. (D., I'll be examining that project tomorrow.)

My office smells like wood and books. :)

It's good that my office is clear enough to do further unpacking, because we unpacked and shelved the cookbooks, and the Thanksgiving recipes are not there! There are two boxes labeled "'song's office - binders", so it may have ended up in there. If not? We will be working up a new menu. (People who are coming to Thanksgiving, please tell me about any food allergies!) Oh, and since we got a free turkey from Shaw's for spending an ungodly amount of money? Adam is cooking the turkey. :)

Hm. I had more thoughts, but they're escaping in search of coffee. I must follow them.
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