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"This school is *so* much better than [Atlanta middle school]!"

I was so glad to hear that. It relaxed bits of me I wasn't consciously aware were tense.

Mental note: Make appointment for parent-teacher conference in a few weeks, to get an idea of her progress. She bumped into friends yesterday at the library, so I'm confident that she's adjusting socially, but I know that there are some areas where there'll be an academic adjustment - the math class here is slightly farther along than the one back in Atlanta, but the teacher is very aware of this; she responded to Elayna leaving the final question on the test she took on her first day blank with a written "It's okay, I'll work with you on this." It is realized and acknowledged that Elayna hasn't had trouble learning these things, it's just that she hadn't been presented with them yet. She got every other question correct, which helps. :)

And last night, she asked us to not check over her homework. Reason? "My teacher has to see what I'm getting wrong, what I'm not understanding, so we know what I need to work on."

Well, that's eminently logical.

She's doing okay, my kid.

And now I have to bring her forgotten lunch to school. Some things never change!
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