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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to joemorf!

Hello to new readers blaquelife, marnanel, and thanos73!

Pain moderate. Sleep disturbances suck; I was up at 3 AM for the second night in a row. *sigh*

Library Like Whoa!
Elayna and I went to get our library cards yesterday - wow! The town library is gorgeous. Enormous. Brand spankin' new. We walked through the doors and Elayna gasped. Such a change from the crappy little libraries in Atlanta! She disappeared into the huge children's room as I got our cards... the librarians loved watching her explore. :) They didn't have the books she was particularly looking for, so she reserved them. Me, on the other hand - oh yeah. They had books I was looking for. :) I grabbed a bunch of stuff that's been lingering on my wishlist forever, and pretty much cleaned out the fibromyalgia section - was tempted to hunt for more stuff, but Elayna and I were already overburdened, so I reluctantly checked out. We will be back. Oh yes.

Elayna's first school project: Adopt an element. She was assigned rhodium. She's going to be doing her own research, no worries, but I know that a bunch of you are scientists and/or science geeks, so - anyone have any fun and interesting facts about rhodium?

Daily Science
A man-made, pure-white compound called Oxycyte carries oxygen 50 times as effectively as our own blood. Researchers are betting that it’s the best way to treat America’s leading cause of accidental death: traumatic brain injury.

Daily BPAL

Obatala: Obatala’s ofrenda is soft, white and pure: milk, coconut meat, shea butter and cool, refreshing water.

In bottle: Mmm... very *sweet*. I was worried that this would be suntan-lotiony, but it is pure coconut *meat*.

On me: Very sweet, very pure. An underlying richness. Quiet.

Ogun: Ogun’s ofrenda is heavy and dark cigar tobacco, gin and juniper, melon, chili pepper and a touch of honey.

In bottle: Hm. All melon in the bottle!

On me: Starts off all melon; a mild bite of chili pepper surfaces. Still not really getting anything else.

Osun: Her ofrenda is thick with honey and herbs of love, passion and desire.

In bottle: Herbs overwhelm honey.

On me: It's like herbs in a paste of honey. And the top smell is all herbal, but when I move my arm from my nose, what lingers is the honey I hadn't smelled before.
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