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My brain is weird. I'm generally very nonlinear. But when it comes to anything involving organization, I am very linear and very precise, and very... dogged. All things must be in their places. In order. And we do not do anything half-assed. We begin at the beginning and continue forth to the end, or at least to a logical stopping point.


I finished the DVDs. And I started on the books. And did not one box, not two boxes... I had to continue until I reached a logical stopping point. In this case, the end of the last accessible bookcase.

Aeschylus to Gardner, shelved, with room left for books I know are missing/books that are coming out soon.

Empty boxes cut flat and stacked.

Other book boxes arranged in my office in alphabectical order, ready to be hauled out and torn open when shelves become available.

Did all this, and looked bleakly at Adam's office... where massive boxes of graphic novels utterly block the way to the empty bookshelves, gleaming invitingly in the distance.

Considered current pain level. About an 8. Considered shaking legs. Hm. It is not physically possible for me to access those shelves at this time.

But if I...


So. Only then do I stop.

Oh yeah. Damaged 'song. *sigh* But now we have one full wall of books. Now we have Asimov and Asher, Baker and Bull, Carroll and Constantine, Dalkey and de Lint, Effinger and Ellison, Fforde and Froud, Gaiman and Gardner.

Old friends.

I think that I will curl up and read for a while.
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